How do I submit my film to Rush Process?

You can submit to our big fest via Film Freeway. Add us to your watch list to be notified when submissions open for our next edition. You can find out about additional, standalone screening opportunities throughout the year by joining our mailing list.

What are the submission guidelines?

– Narrative submissions must be at least 75% animation
– Documentary submissions must be at least 50% animation
– All animation source artwork must be analog (digital assembly, e.g. via scanning or digital photography, is okay)
– Competition films must have been completed no more than three years before our festival date.
– Link to a secure Vimeo screener greatly preferred over FilmFreeway’s native video player.
– For films originally not in English, please submit a screener with English subtitles or closed captions.

Does Rush Process accept experimental projects?

The short answer: Yes, but understand that we are focused primarily on narrative and documentary shorts, and do not have a separate experimental category. The long answer:

Though we are not a regional festival, we’re very conscious of our hometown of Houston as a city that already has exceptional experimental and cult film programming, thanks to the hard work and discerning tastes of curators including Aurora Picture Show, Civic TV Collective, Mystical Crystal Revelations Movie Club, the Menil, the CAMH, and MFAH.

Rather than mirroring their efforts, we want to complement them with something new: a festival that celebrates handcrafted animation as a vehicle for personal, political, and narrative self-expression. Yes, experimentation is at the core of the handcrafted agenda. But we want films that go beyond mere exploration of a technique; for our purposes, visual experimentation should be a means by which the film in question reveals its greater story or message. If you have any questions about this, feel free to send us an email.

Does Rush Process accept music videos?

We do not have a music video category, and have rarely screened projects with wall-to-wall music, rather than some combination of music and sound design.

Does Rush Process offer fee waivers for free entry?

For our 2016 edition and initial 2017 submission window, waivers for free entry were available for handcrafted animated shorts created by primary, middle, or high school students, or teachers submitting on their behalf, and for handcrafted animators of any age for whom the entry fee represented a financial hardship. Both calls for entries also began with zero entry-fee Earlybird Submission windows. In mid-2017, we reached our goal of eliminating our entry fee entirely. There is now no fee to submit your film to Rush Process fest.

Where can I find the GIF I made at a Rush Process or GIF Relief pop-up event?

You can find your work on Get My GIF, our gallery of workshop animations sorted by event, or on Giphy. Since mid-2017, we’ve hosted all GIFs from on our pop-ups on our main Giphy channel, or our GIF Relief Giphy channel. Giphy makes it easy to download your work in multiple formats, embed it, and share it across all major social media platforms, including those that don’t support GIFs natively, like Instagram. We love seeing your animations out in the wild, so don’t forget to tag us (@rushprocess on Instagram or Twitter) when you post.