Improv Meets Animation Workshop

August 28, 2016 @ The Waughford

As part of the inaugural edition of Rush Process Festival of Handcrafted Animation, BETA Theater, Rush Process and The Waughford held an improv-meets-animation workshop on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Inspired by Beta’s long-running Make-A-Movie Night, scribblers, writers and improvisers joined forces to rapidly write and produce collaborative animated shorts using paper, pens, scissors, and multiple handcrafted techniques.


Phase 1: Snippety-Snippety Hang-Out Times

The workshop began with glorious snippety-snippety hang-out times. Participants sipped on lemon-lime sody-pop, flipped through stacks of vintage magazines, and began cutting stuff out to create a community pool of visual materials that anyone would be welcome to use during animation production later in the afternoon. Some collaborated on specific character and background designs.


Phase 2: Idea Generation Through Improv Games

During a series of rapid-fire improv exercises led by Beta’s Traci Thiebaud and Jeromy Barber, the group generated a large number of potential storylines, then voted to select the four most exciting ideas. Workshop participants were split into groups and began planning how they would bring their assigned idea to life via cutout animation.


Phase 3: Rapid Animation Production

Back inside, the groups descended upon the community pool of cut-outs, and worked together to create even more collage elements to Illustrate their specific stories. Teams shot, edited, and scored their films over the next few hours. We ended the afternoon with a world-premiere screening of five brand-new animated shorts.

Watch the Films

Dr. Bing-Bong, World’s “Best” Mindreader

An intimate look into the mind-reading methods of the notorious Dr. Bing-Bong.

Satanic Baptism

Unsuspecting humans attempt a peaceful picnic on the banks of a remote bayou.

Support Group

Tom seeks solace in his first support group meeting in quite a while. But will the group be supportive of his recent life choices?

‘Work’ Is A Four-Letter Word

The phone is ringing endlessly. Welcome to the working week.

Ampersand: The Movie

A brief history of the Ampersand.

Special thanks to all of the attendees for making this such a fun event, to The Waughford for graciously hosting, and to Dinolion, Night Heron, and DIY Animation Club for providing gear and art supplies.