Day 1 / Fri Aug. 26, 2016


International Shorts

7:30pm, Aurora Picture Show, $10.
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The top entries from our narrative and documentary sections: made by real fingers, with Sharpies and scissors, plasticine and paint — a veritable buffet of analog animation art! Tales of an island sinking into the ocean, a boy who’s lost his glasses, a disgruntled office worker, an Olympic ski race gone awry, a family history, a drunken centaur, a flying dog, and more…

Day 2 / Sat Aug. 27, 2016


OOF Collective’s Invisible Ink

7:30pm, Aurora Picture Show, $10.
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Handcrafted animation supergroup OOF Collective presents a program of 18 shorts including iconic independent animators Karen Aqua and Jim Trainor as well as young emerging artists. Invisible Ink focuses on animations in which seemingly minor or secretive topics take center stage. Using disarmingly simple visuals, these works depict subjects such as bubbling primordial organisms, the rich inner life of a construction flagger, the autobiography of a young bat, or a forgotten family prank. With evocative details and wit, these narratives surprise and invite viewers to reconsider everything from the involuntary actions of the human body to the insects under our feet.

Day 3 / Sun Aug. 28, 2016


Improv Meets Animation Workshop

1:00pm, The Waughford, FREE.

BETA Theater and Rush Process present an improv-meets-animation workshop. Inspired by Beta’s long-running Make-A-Movie Night, scribblers, writers and improvisers will join forces to rapidly write and produce a collaborative animated movie using paper, pens, scissors, and multiple handcrafted techniques.

No previous animation experience necessary.

Special thanks to Dinolion, Night Heron, and DIY Animation Club for providing gear and art supplies.