Award Winners

The 2016 edition ended with awards for three films — two chosen by the judges, and one by the audience. Winners received a copy of Dragonframe courtesy of DZED Systems LLC, and a 3-month subscription to Fandor.

The Vast Landscape (Lea Vidakovic / Croatia)
WINNER: Narrative Award

Bernina Sings (Harriet Lenneman / USA)
WINNER: Documentary Award

Astigmatismo (Nicolai Troshinsky / Spain)
WINNER: Audience Award

Thoughts from the 2016 Jury on the Documentary Award winner:

Harriet Lenneman’s “Bernina Sings” exquisitely weaves together oral history and artistic expression in a piece that invites the viewer to glimpse a tender relationship between filmmaker and subject.

Thoughts from the 2016 Jury on the Narrative Award winner:

Lea Vidakovic’s “The Vast Landscape” beautifully evokes melancholy through its atmospheric depiction of light and the passage of time. This film is a pure work of art, every frame, every sound, every landscape, every character. Just spectacular!”